On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 1:32 PM, Guodong Xu <guodong.xu@linaro.org> wrote:
hello there,

A new kernel branch for the HiKey is now available: hikey-mainline-rebase, which is now v4.4-rc3 based. That's a start (meaning there are issues), but topics and patches are keep coming. Goal here is to make HiKey finally land linus' tree.

What’s new in this release?
* Based on Linux kernel v4.4-rc3
* Debian Jessie developer image, with HDMI console.
* patches are upstreaming targeted, and
*                managed by topic branches, for easy rebase to latest kernel
* topics include:

Where are these branches? I don't see them pushed out publicly. I'd like to pull them in separately into a local tree.
What to expect in soon future?
* topic on iommu, bt