Hi Thomas

On 7 March 2016 at 13:22, Thomas B. Rücker <thomas@ruecker.fi> wrote:
Silently a new 96board starts appearing: Cello

It seems to be produced by LeMaker and is based around the AMD A1100
SoC. That's the same as on the illusive Husky, actually both boards look
very similar with only minor differences in the placement of some

There are some non-significant design difference but yes using the same SoC.
The LeMaker product page has it up for preorder for 299$; with an
estimated shipping time frame of 2016Q2.

This could mean the first "cheap" 64 bit ARM server board becoming
available. Also more power: A57 cores.
Though I'm sure hrw will still disapprove as it has SATA, but is a weird
non-industry-standard form factor.

Oh, and the obligatory question:
Will it be 96boards compliant and are we going to get to see the actual
compliance report?

The board is still in development - it will be going through Compliance process. To the best of our knowledge, the hardware specification is aligned with 96Boards EE specification.

Currently we have completed compliance reports for Dragonboard410c, HiKey and Bubblegum96. More updates will come shortly in terms of publication of these reports.



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