Hello Gregoire,

Thank you for the escalation and my apologies for the lack of proper communication.

As you may know Circuitco did the hardware development and the initial production for the Hikey board.  Similar to any new product release there have been some delays.  The good news is production boards are coming off our lines now and are shipping and hopefully stocked within the next 5 days or less.

I was unaware that Avnet actually allowed any purchase other than pre order but will be happy to check in to this for you as we do work very closely with them.

The Hikey project is very real and I assure you not a scam.  We have actually delivered hundreds of pre production boards for Beta development that was very well received.

I am happy to directly address and facilitate a solution for you.  Due to customer confidentiality I will need to do this outside the public forum. 

Please contact me directly at clint@circuitco.com.

Thank you

Clint Cooley

Clint Cooley
Circuitco Electronics LLC

-------- Original message --------
From: Gregoire Gentil <gregoire@gentil.com>
Date: 06/12/2015 4:08 PM (GMT-06:00)
To: dev@lists.96boards.org
Cc: customer.care@avnet.com, sales@circuitco.com
Subject: Is 96boards just another scam or another failing kickstarter project?

To the project leader of 96 boards,

I have ordered through Avnet a HiKey board shortly after it was
announced. My order is dated February 19, four months ago (PO Number:
WEB5348914). And I still have received NOTHING.

The shipping date has been pushed at least three times on the Avnet
website and the promise date is now /6/3/2015. BTW, today is 6/12/2015.

I have contacted 96boards back a months ago and after a short email
exchange with CircuitCo (I still don't get it why my message was
forwarded to CircuitCo), I didn't receive neither a precise shipping
date, nor an explanation of what's going on.

So can the project leader of 96boards.org explain the situation and
clarify if this project is just another scam or one of those failing
kickstarter project to deliver? How can I get a refund? Avnet is
refusing to reimburse.

I don't know if I'm the only one in this situation, but this is a
complete poor experience. When I ordered, I didn't see a message like
"you are not going to receive your board soon".


PS: There is even not an email address on the 96boards.org website. Who
is in charge of this project?