Hello, all!

Just wanted to inform of the new 96Boards Wikipedia page, put up just yesterday. As you know Wikipedia is a joint effort and we are looking for contributors.

Currently tagged for "Notability", "Orphan", and "Conflict of Interest" - any help in making the editors drop these tags is appreciated.

Notability, We need to add references to external links with more than just a brief mention of 96Boards. They do not seem too keen on Linaro based articles.

Orphan, We need to link other Wikipedia pages to the 96Boards Wikipedia page. I suggest we start with the Linaro page considering 96Boards is mentioned several times. Any other forwards will also be looked at. Mentions in member sites, the creation of individual 96Boards Wikipedia pages such as one for each board with 96Boards mentions and more...

Conflict of Interest, Since I am the only one who has contributed to this page they are claiming a conflict of interest. If more people start to contribute, along with me stating my transparency according to guidelines, this will change.

Again, any help is appreciated. Tags usually allow for a couple weeks before pages are drastically effected/deleted.

Ping me with any questions. Thanks!

Robert Wolff
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