How about pressing the S4 button on the board? It works for me for jumping into fastboot.


On 28 September 2015 at 20:39, Daniel Thompson <> wrote:
Hi Folks

I'm just trying to kick the tyres of my sensors board. I'm using a dragonboard because that's the board I have "spare" to play with.

I've tried to play "dumb" and follow only documented instructions... as a result I have a dragonboard flashed with the latest builds of the boot-and-rootfs from the releases directory.

This build does not play nicely with the sensors board because /dev/ttyMSM1 does not exist. As a result I cannot use the UART0 pins on the LS connector to try and talk to the AVR (i.e. this is *not* the known issue that the AVR may have no bootloader).

I haven't yet made much of a attempt to debug this (and won't until tomorrow at best). However... has anyone already overcome this problem?


Does anyone have a canned command to deliberately corrupt the boot-and-rootfs so I can get the board to jump into fastboot (so I can try a snapshot) without having to take the sensors board of the top so I can press Vol- ;-) ?
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