So I built hikey ATF and l-loader for the first time and seemed to be able to flash the l-loader.bin

However, the serial log shows this, what did I do wrong ?


debug EMMC boot: print init OK
debug EMMC boot: send RST_N .
debug EMMC boot: start eMMC boot......
load fastboot1!

Switch to aarch64 mode. CPU0 executes at 0xf9801000!
INFO:    BL1: 0xf9810000 - 0xf9817000 [size = 28672]
NOTICE:  Booting Trusted Firmware
NOTICE:  BL1: v1.1(debug):a0c0399
NOTICE:  BL1: Built : 09:31:15, May 28 2015
INFO:    BL1: RAM 0xf9810000 - 0xf9817000

Platform exception reporting:
ESR_EL3: 0000000002000000
ELR_EL3: 00000000f9803348